Winnebago revel toilet

Winnebago revel toilet

  the winnebago revel 44 was designed specifically for active outdoor enthusiasts, the all-new winnebago revel takes a no nonsense approach to adventure with a straightforward design and function-driven features.

  we thought we would hate the cassette toilet in the winnebago revel but we have proven ourselves wrong.

Winnebago revel chapter - the swivel cassette-style toilet in the above video, jason bruckhoff, rv sales manager, and reed burkholder, rv sales consultant, review the swivel cassette-style toilet in the winnebago revel.

  this is a first video that my 8 year old son did when i dumped the cassette toilet in our new 2021 winnebago revel.

The winnebago revel forum has launched! A virtual community to share ideas, advice, and stories about the winnebago revel. Please go over to the beginnings - administrative items and read the welcome message. No there should not be water getting into the outside cassette toilet compartment.

Standard dual-pane euro acrylic windows with cassette shades.

  related article winnebago revel review 6 owners tell all. The interior features high-quality finishes and offers a wet bath (with swivel toilet) and a power lift queen bed. The interior surface above the bed is indented to offer you a few extra inches in the bed, which is nice for us taller folks.

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Winnebago revel toilet

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