What to do with coins csgolounge

What to do with coins csgolounge

As of right now, the csgolounge coins have no monetary value and are only used on forecast betting on games and also for renting trading bots for buying and selling in their market place.

4 lol fucking csgolounge if i didnt make this post it would value 2,5 really funny this shit.

There doesnt seem to be a use for them yet, but its in the works. If you look at the coins there are grayed out option to earn coins and for dailty quests so pretty soon there will probably be a sort of withdrawal system.

Cs go lounge is a platform where you can bet on counter-strike global offensive matches as well as trade your skins with other users. With our full tournament coverage you will never miss your favourite team perform. Beside watching matches on our website, you can place your funds against other users and bet on which of the two teams will win.

This is wrong,100 coins equals to 1 and you will be later able to withdraw them,they will either need you to play 150 of that 100 coins or either require you to do a first deposit.

Users will now have the option to place lounge coins as a bet on csgolounge. We have multiple tracking and ranking features so you can see the top predictors, highest winners and other stats. With this, comes a new new look and a new notification system that will inform users about recent bet outcomes, announcements, new match posts, etc.

Ninja csgolounge coins are the by-product that was produced when valve sent a cease and desist order to different skin betting sites because of the outlawing of item wagering.

  steam has approved that the marketplace of valves own platform no longer has to be used to exchange weapons, skins, keys and much more from cs go for real money.

It has plenty to offer up to avid bettors and skin traders, giving you the chance to utilize virtual coins to continue trading or to experience the esports betting section of its site.

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What to do with coins csgolounge

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