Warframe syndicates how to earn reputation

Warframe syndicates how to earn reputation

  today i show you all how to earn reputation quickly with the new syndicates in warframe!note that this video was made before an update which increased the am.

Its much more efficient and its easy to just buy or trade for what you need from other syndicates. Being top rank in a syndicate is like having a plat dispensing atm.

First of all - you need to go to your arsenal, to your warframes customization and put on your syndicate sigil. Sigils allow you to actually gain standing with that syndicate, serving as a valve of sorts. Then you go to a mission and gain exp, filling up your standing bar this way.

Even still i would still earn reputation it would just start eating away at the negative rep if i had any. My problem is im not earning any reputation at all, zero and i dont understand why. When i was in tier 1 with the other two syndicates i just put the sigil on and got to 5000 wo a problem, after that i did the daily syndicate missions to progress.

Yeah, you have to earn your way back through those -2 ranks, but to do so, i have to gain reputation first. It says arbisters of hexis require this sacrifice (reactor 100k credits) from you to earn the title of deceiver. Just below, it says you havent earned enough reputation for this title.

  after mastery rank 3 and having been initiated with a faction you start earning syndicate points by going into arsenalwarframeappearanceregalia and choose the sigil for the specific syndicate faction you are interested in earning points with (it will say syndicate faction sigil under regaliafrontback sigil).

I read somewhere that there is a cap you reach where it is mathematically impossible to increase with any syndicates rep without decreasing another.

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Warframe syndicates how to earn reputation

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