Vertcoin mining hardware

Vertcoin mining hardware

There are some crucial points to consider when picking a hardware for vertcoin mining. Weve already established that using gpu rigs is the only viable choice, and in that line of thought, youll also need a combination of motherboard, cpu, ram and an hddssd to manage all your cards and install the needed software.

A vertcoin miner needs to have a good vertcoin mining rig which will enable them to mine the fastest in the mining pool. Several options of vertcoin mining hardware can be seen in the market these days.

Mine vertcoin at home using your computer, the way bitcoin was meant to be.

Mining algorithm verthash consensus scheme proof-of-work coins to be issued 84,000,000 block time 2.

After you have downloaded verthashminer, uncompress it, find the verthash. Dat file from the full node wallet folder, and copy and paste it to the verthhashminer folder.

Vertcoin is now and forever mineable by people with basic gaming hardware. I would probably go with nvidia gpus if youre taking resale into account. 1070s and 1080s will resell better than available amd cards in the future.

You are better off mining ethereum or equihash with amd cards and auto-exchange it to vert using a pool such as miningpoolhub or others (rather others as mph is still recovering from a massive ddos attack from last week and the pool has been a disaster ever since).

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Vertcoin mining hardware

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Vertcoin mining hardware
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