Vermeer baler fs19

Vermeer baler fs19

  this is a vermeer roundbaler with bale capacity options up to 50,000bale. High capacity is nice when playing on a large scale of farming. Theres an edited bale fork and trailer for these larger bales.

This is a vermeer roundbaler with bale capacity options up to 50,000bale. High capacity is nice when playing on a large scale of farming. Theres an edited bale fork and trailer for these larger bales. Theres also a bale wrapper which will wrap every bale that comes out of this baler.

  vermeer 605m605n round balers in this mod you will have a 2 balers-cornstalk special-regular the cornstalk special is a inline 90 degree turn of the bale when unloading.

Created by fs17 - xyzspain richwoodrocket fs19 - darin cassell mcknight gaming db3005.

  calves for the first time on farming simulator 19 on the new cattle and crops 4x map. Trying out the new vermeer 605m round baler and john deere 568 round ba.

This is a pack of two high density balers with a double twine pack.

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Vermeer baler fs19

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