Vega fe hashrate

Vega fe hashrate

One would expect at least 70 mhs on ethereum for such elevated price.

Amd vega frontier edition (fe) liquid cooled mining hashrate.

Amd vega frontier edition (fe) liquid cooled mining hashrate amd vega frontier edition (fe) liquid cooled specifications gpu cores 4096 base clock 1382 mhz boost clock 1600 mhz memory interface 2048-bit hbm2 memory bandwidth.

Wed much rather own the vega fe at 749 versus a used vega 64 air cooled card for 920 dollars. The ideal situation would be to find a vega 64 or vega 56 card for under 600 like they were.

Vega frontier edition hashrate since i cant seem to get my hands on any other vega card, i was wondering how well the fe performs with cast xmr or stak. I cant seem to find any recent benchmarks with the block chain drivers.

I have a vega fe that i am currently mining monero with and it doesnt get a very good hashrate compared to vega 5664. I get 1200hs which is a lot less than 1800-2000hs that vega 64 owners have reported getting.

6 sapphire r9 nano 4 gb hbm 445 claymores zecminer msi geforce gtx 1070 armor oc dual fan 8 gb ddr5 445 ewbf 0. 3b gigabyte geforce gtx 1070 g1 gaming gv-n1070g1 gaming-8gd 8 gb ddr5 445 excavator 1.

After fidgeting around most of the last few evenings trying to get my hashrate up, the best ive been able to muster is about 5500hs after bizarre rituals involving changing the allocation, purging cpu. Txt (or otherwise messing with it) sometimes rebooting the container, etc.

1 pro adrenalin game drivers, the two fes are pulling around 41mhs - rather good, 2nd only to the titan v. Found that you have to keep the gpus 60c or colder, otherwise you get hashrate drop which is a very common issue with vega cards.

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Vega fe hashrate

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