University of nicosia medical school reddit

University of nicosia medical school reddit

Short walks between campuses, plenty of living accommodations around (heres a picture from my room that i took this morning), and the uni is accredited.

The medical faculty of university of nicosia in cyprus offers students a 6 year md course and a 4 year mbbs course in collaboration with st georges university of london medical school. The course has 120 places which fill up with students from all over the world, however this university is fairly expensive compared to other cheap medical universities in europe offering the same quality of.

University of nicosia is an awful university, they dont focus on academic excellence, just want your money while they provide the bare minimum that can pass as an education in return.

University of nicosia is a good university, but you should check the eastern mediterranean university. They offer a wide variety of programs and i believe its one of the best universities in cyprus. (i might be biased because i study electrical engineering there).

The university of nicosia is the largest university in cyprus with its main campus located in nicosia, the capital of cyrpus. It is the only university in cyprus to have a system of three campuses in the major cities of nicosia, limassol and larnaca. There are also study centres in athens, bucharest, and new york city. The university also has teams in 19 cities and has 400 other university.

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University of nicosia medical school reddit

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