Turbotax premier robinhood

Turbotax premier robinhood

Did you know that robinhood customers can get a great discount on turbotax software? Save up to 20 on turbotax deluxe, premier, and self-employed when you file through the link in your robinhood account.

We have many transactions (at least 500 between 2 robinhood accounts), as well as some from another brokerage. I am a little concerned because we have quite a few wash sales, but have since exited those positions completely. I saw that robinhood can directly import to turbotax premier.

  how to file taxes for robinhoodusing turbo tax to file for robinhood apporder turbo tax premier 59.

  does turbotax premier cover my crypto transactions made through robinhood? The file format for records of my crypto transactions is a pdf. The desktopcd version of turbotax will not accept an upload of csv files from the cryptocurrency traders like the online version does.

  how to file crypto taxes robinhood and all other investments----free crypto free stocks for signing up----- easiest exchangesjoin robinhood and get a stoc.

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Turbotax premier robinhood

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Turbotax premier robinhood
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