Thunder tiger mt4 g3 top speed

Thunder tiger mt4 g3 top speed

The mt4 g3s 3mm rigid aluminum chassis and brace are securely mounted and the brace cover features vents to keep the batteries and electronicscool.

  thunder tiger mt4-g3 review - brushless rtr monster truck - duration 756.

Where to buy tower hobbies, or ask your local shop to order one for you. From the moment we received the new thunder tiger mt4-g 3 in the office, it has caused a couple of arguments. On the box, it clearly states that its a 18 scale monster truck.

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Stopping the 9 pound truck before the turn after the triple was another story but clearing it no probs. Petit test afin de vérifier plusieurs paramètres ainsi que la vitesse de pointe.

Top speed (measured by bsrc on 4s) 34 mph runtime (measure by bsrc with 4s 5600mah pack) 16 minutes warranty thunder tiger guarantees this truck to.

Thunder tiger mt4 g3 top speed thunder tiger mt4 g3 upgrades thunder tiger mt4 g3 wheels. By tedylind november 10, 2019 post a comment thunder tiger 18 mt4 g3 rtr tt6401f111 hobbystores terjual wts thunder tiger mt4.

Thunder tiger g3 mt4 electric brushless lipo 4wd monster truck. There is a fan on top of the esc to which the only access for cleaning is had by dismantling the whole circuit board from the unit,.

Thunder tiger mt4 g3 top speed thunder tiger mt4 g3 upgrades thunder tiger mt4 g3 wheels.

There is big air and then there is monster air and this truck loves the monster stuff. Petit test afin de vérifier plusieurs paramètres ainsi que la vitesse de pointe.

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Thunder tiger mt4 g3 top speed

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