Td ameritrade futures bitcoin

Td ameritrade futures bitcoin

Quotes and trading capabilities for these futures products are available on our thinkorswim trading platforms.

  eyeing digital future td ameritrades strategic investment in cryptocurrency trading exchange october 3, 2018 820 am jb mackenzie on oct. 3, 2018, td ameritrade announced a strategic investment in erisx, a regulated derivatives exchange and clearing organization that will list cryptocurrency spot and futures contracts on a single platform.

One of the great resources td ameritrade offers is futures trading. Most securities brokers dont offer this great service, but td ameritrade does. And because the chicago mercantile exchange has added bitcoin futures to its derivative lineup, td ameritrade customers can trade bitcoin contracts.

Manager of trader education at td ameritrade, discusses the bitcoin futures market and its recent moves to record highs. She said there are talks that bitcoin can be used as an inflation hedge. She says it has shifted to a risk-on asset but doesnt think it will replace gold.

Futures trading allows you to diversify your portfolio, gain exposure to new markets, hedge against rising commodity prices, and manage risk. Qualified investors can trade over 70 futures products virtually 24 hours a day, 6 days a week through td ameritrade futures and forex, llc. Get access to powerful platforms, technical studies, immersive education, futures trading support, and papermoney to practice your strategy at no extra charge.

The launch of bitcoin futures by cboe global markets, the chicago trade group, further pushed bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies into the spotlight. Knowledge once gained must be up to date on an ongoing basis. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology where there is no such thing as a middle man like banks, and intermediaries concerned. Bitmex presents to trade bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies.

  jb mackenzie, managing director of futures and forex trading at td ameritrade, joins td ameritrade network to explain the differences between bitcoin futures.

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Td ameritrade futures bitcoin

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Td ameritrade futures bitcoin
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