Student agency bus prague to munich

Student agency bus prague to munich

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Between prague and munich we found up to 3 bus departures, including 2 night buses. The earliest departure from prague is at 0240 arriving to munich at 0725.

To go from prague to munich, from mutilples bus companies propose the trip flixbus, regiojet, eurolines.

Bus from prague to munich airport with student agency, deutsche bahn and flixbus student agency, deutsche bahn and flixbus buses will get you between prague and munich airport from 25 (20). With over 1000 travel companies on omio, you can find the best bus times and tickets for your trip.

We have been operating on the market for more than 20 years and have rich experience with tourism. We offer our customers the best service at the lowest possible prices. The word student in the company name does not define the target group, but.

Between prague and munich (airport) we found up to 1 bus departure, including 1 night bus. The earliest departure from prague is at 2300 arriving to munich (airport) at 0400.

Deutsche bahn, flixbus and student agency from munich to prague. For as little as 21 (17) you can travel by bus between munich and prague with deutsche bahn, flixbus and student agency. Omio will show you the best deals, schedules and tickets available for this route.

Does anybody know of person or agency that could assist me in purchasing 4 adult tickets from prague to munich on september 21, 2007 on the student agency bus? There is no english portal and i am at a loss.

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Student agency bus prague to munich

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Student agency bus prague to munich
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