Sterling trading simulator price

Sterling trading simulator price

Using a proprietary matching algorithm, the sterling trading simulator replicates real-world trading to create the most realistic paper-trading environment available.

  sterling has a user-friendly platform built using the programming language c.

  the sterling trading simulator by sterling trading tech (httpswww. Com) is the most realistic paper-trading tool for for traders to le.

Sterling trader pro provides the powerful options trading tools required by professional options traders worldwide, including both single-leg and complex options order functionality.

Sterling trader pro is a full-featured level ii direct access trading platform designed for professionals who work with the rapidly moving electronic markets. Includes advanced pinpoint accuracy for order routing and management and real-time profitloss capabilities, making it particularly suitable for trading groups.

The sterling trading simulator uses a proprietary matching algorithm to provide simulated trading that closely matches real-world trading conditions for equities and options.

Platform and market data fees are deducted on the last day of the calendar month. Software fee rebates are calculated monthly and processed within the first two (2) business days of the new month.

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Sterling trading simulator price

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