Spalding beast basketball system

Spalding beast basketball system

  if youve ever played basketball you would know the brand spalding. This brand name is tightly related to premium basketball products as well as product lines in other ball-sports. Their portable basketball system name the beast is no exception to that.

  with spalding nba the beast portable basketball system presenting a 60-inch basketball hoop as close as any pro looking hoop, youre gonna get better and better with every game.

The 60 beast portable basketball system gives you the stability of an in-ground, but with a wheeled base that makes it easy to move. Featuring a 60 glass backboard giving you the true rebound youd find on the professional court and a sturdy steel rim that can handle fierce dunks and drives.

I could not find any videos of this system to get an idea of what to expect so i made my own.

For an installation quote contact rjg sports installations 0404 409 663. Spaldings the beast tempered glass 74560 60-in portable basketball system is sturdy and durable thanks to a 14-in tempered glass backboard with a heavy-duty steel frame trimmed in aluminum.

The spalding the beast 74560 portable basketball hoop with 60 inch glass backboard features a two piece, 5 inch square angeled pole system with screw in water level gauge base cap, a 60 inch tempered glass backboard, and the pro image breakaway basketball rim.

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Download your spalding basketball system user manual - for australian basketball systems. Important - if you need help identifying your system model then you can do so easily by locating the 2-digit number on the base of your system followed by the 3-digit number on the board.

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Spalding beast basketball system

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Spalding beast basketball system

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