Sony vegas backup file location

Sony vegas backup file location

  well look if you go to options preferences in vegas pro and then look in the generals tab, at the bottom is the file location for those files. You can change this location to one that you prefer, perhaps to a nas drive or onto a different drive as a backup precaution.

  in this video how to find sony vegas pro autosaved files for those of you (just like me) lost your worked projectdont forget to like and subscribe!if it di.

  under windows open a file explorer window and navigate to the following path and look for.

  in this video, were going to show you how to setup sony vegas autosave and where to find the autosaved files.

  how to find autosave files recover from crash - vegas pro 16 - 2018 - youtube.

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It looks like vegas uses 2 files to round robbin the auto saves.

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Sony vegas backup file location

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