Sonali exchange rate

Sonali exchange rate

Send money to your loved ones in quick times with great rates and low fees to bangladesh from usa.

Coming soon ! For further details call us manhattan branch, 211 east 43 rd street, suite 1503, new york, ny 10017.

Incs website and will be accessible to you from such website prior to your initiation of a payment. You should consult this exchange ratio on each occasion you send a payment.

Please note that sonali exchange is registered in new york (ny), new jersey (nj), georgia (ga), michigan (mi) and maryland (md). We will not accept registration at this time from any other states other than the one which is mentioned above.

Sonaliexchange is an online platform for sending money from us to bangladesh. It provides trusted, fast, secure and reliable remittance services.

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Sonali exchange rate

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Sonali exchange rate

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