Smart living company swing table

Smart living company swing table

  the swing table is a genius multi-functional furniture ideal for small apartments and even tiny houses, if you may. It is available in six different designs, two of which are designed for outdoor use.

Perfect for showing off to your friends, this dining table transforms into a shelf with a gentle pull. The swing table by german smart living is an art piece itself, having the ability to transform from table to shelf without having to move anything anywhere.

Similar to, more minimal than the urbana table, german smart livings swing is a wood and metal table that can be transformed into a shelf in one motion.

  this transforming table-shelf is a shelf that transforms into a dining table in one swing. In fact, it is called swing and was created by a company named german smart living. Trying to squeeze in a dining table into a small space without making it feel suffocating is on par with sorcery.

The swing furniture piece from german smart living is ingenious. The shrinking amount of space that consumers have in their home is pushing many to seek out multifunctional furniture pieces that enhance the capabilities of the inhabitants, which is what the shift piece from german smart living enables.

Experience the highlight of the imm cologne 2018 furniture show swing! The brand new masterpiece of the manufactory eve collection is easily and intuitively transformable from a dining table to a shelf in just one movement. The space-saving miracle made in germany is available in six designs - two of which are designed for outdoor use.

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Smart living company swing table

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