Slingshot pattern trading

Slingshot pattern trading

Example 7 5) the slingshot pattern is when the 14 period cci rejects the zero line and the turbo cci hooks at around the 100 line. More of that article here here is a page on this site that you may have a look at that concludes this description of the cci slingshot, i hope you will find it to be an excellent addition to your trading tool box.

One of the important patterns for trading is the slingshot reversal pattern, also known as the false break and reverse pattern. A slingshot reversal takes place when a major support or resistance level temporarily breaks but then fails to hold.

The slingshot trading method introduction the purpose of this book is to give the reader an effective tool to be used in short term trading. The trading strategies and indicators discussed in this book are being used by this author and others on a regular basis and have been used and tested for over eight years.

  the slingshot method is a reversal trading strategy based on reversal candle, exponential moving average and stochastic.

Position yourself in the foreign exchange market using a reliable chart pattern. A reliable trading pattern in foreign exchange markets is the false break and reverse, or slingshot reversal pattern. In this article i will introduce the slingshot reversal, discuss how the pattern is traded, and provide a recent example from the audusd (australian dollar) market.

Typically, to get a slingshot, the turbo cci goes down to the minus 100 level, and the 14 cci goes to the 0 line. Now, i have been asked many times if the numbers have to be exact. What we are looking for here is the basic pattern, not exactitude.

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Slingshot pattern trading

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Slingshot pattern trading

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