Sim card kuta

Sim card kuta

About bali sim card- stay connected with friends and family while on vacation on the island of gods by availing this sim card for tourist in bali. - with a stable mobile service and blazing fast internet speed, you wont feel like you are far away from your loved ones. - we can also arrange for the sim card to be delivered to you right at the airport upon your arrival.

30 days active (kuta, legian, seminyak, tuban, jimbaran, nusa dua, benoa) these sims work best in the tourist areas of kuta, legian, seminyak and surrounds.

Answer 1 of 5 when we visit bali which local sim card should be most cost effective if taken for 1 week? What are the options in terms of data and talktime? What documents are needed to get the sim.

  they usually speak little bit english but they are so helpful. And they will help you to activate your bali prepaid sim card. The most popular phone companies for getting a prepaid sim card in bali are telkomsel and xl axiata.

The 3 indonesia sim card prices are not only in real life hard to figure out, also online on their website. But tri indonesia offers the paket happy prepaid sim card 50,000 inr (3,50) 12 gb data valid for 30 days.

  there is no fixed price and its depending on the distance. Obviously in bali expect to pay more than locals (not always) around 15k idr which is only 1 usd to get to kuta from bali airport.

  always the first thing we have to do when we arrive in a new country is sort out our mobile internet.

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Sim card kuta

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