Shred a thon greensboro nc

Shred a thon greensboro nc

The shred-a-thons are sponsored by a number of groups, including coopers office, the better business bureau, banks and credit unions, shredding companies, local governments, businesses, civic.

Shred-a-thons are a perfect way to destroy old tax records, checks, employment records, credit applications or other documents that contain confidential information. You must remove papers from 3-ring binders but you do not need to remove staples or paper clips.

979 cars pulled through the 2 wants to know shred-a-thon at the greensboro coliseum this afternoon. Thanks to all our volunteers for helping the community protect their identity.

Photos greensboro shred-a-thon nearly 1,000 people brought their boxes full of old, unwanted documents, and we helped them shred it all for free.

  wfmy and the greensboro coliseum is sponsoring a shred-a-thon for greensboro consumers on wednesday, may 9th. Help protect yourself from identity theft by shredding pre-approved credit card offers, old bills, out-of-date account statements and other personal documents that include confidential information at this event.

  bring your old financial records to one of more than a dozen shred-a-thons planned across the state this fall. Between today and thanksgiving, free shredding events are planned across north carolina in charlotte, greensboro, raleigh, winston-salem, rocky mount, apex, beaufort, creedmoor, summerfield, mooresville, statesville, cornelius and stallings.

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Shred a thon greensboro nc

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