Sega model 3

Sega model 3

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The sega model 3 is an arcade system board released by sega in 1996. It was the culmination of segas partnership with lockheed martin, using the companys real3d division to design the graphical hardware. Upon release, the model 3 was easily the most powerful arcade system board in existence, capable of over one.

  sega is a video game developer, publisher, and hardware development company.

Supermodel can be built from source for windows, macos, and linux. Pre-built ready-to-run development snapshots are provided below for 64-bit windows and are updated when the svn source repository is updated.

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  sega model 3 es una plataforma arcade lanzada en 1996 como sucesora de sega model 2. El modelo 3 continu la mayora de las series de juegos de arcade estab.

Features added - list view of all the supported games added - preview of each game (snaps).

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Sega model 3

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