Security features for wireless mobile computing and mobile commerce

Security features for wireless mobile computing and mobile commerce

  in fact, there are three key security features saylor believes will make mobile commerce the standard of safe business transactions in just a few years. Fingerprint tech is a standard security feature around the world.

Security measures must be for both side company and user for m-commerce. From company side authentication it means only authorized user can access the payment system.

In order to solve the data integrity, non-repudiation, confidentiality and operation inefficiency of the mobile e-commerce, in this paper, mobile e-commerce security model is established.

Here are a few of the requirements that organizations should identify in a mobile identity solution for fraud mitigation and managing the e-commerce security challenge. The mobile identity solution should use the mobile network to validate that the device and its mobile number are associated with the true customer.

  by incorporating cloud computing in mobile commerce will give lots of advantage for business industry as well as the user with lower cost and high benefits, security, flexibility, scalability.

Mobile commerce system grown tremendously over the years, the delivery of the mobile commerce, is defined to be the delivery of e- potentials of e-commerce into the hands of consumers commerce competence directly into the customers at any moment irrespective of time and location via hand, wherever through wireless technology was wireless technology even though it is yet to be.

In general, the security architecture of gsm, presents basic security mechanisms for m-commerce systems. The authentication towards the network, from a mobile customer is based on a secret ki that will derive to a symmetric key, used to encrypt the link between the mobile station and the bts.

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Security features for wireless mobile computing and mobile commerce

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Security features for wireless mobile computing and mobile commerce

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