Scotia itrade vs td direct investing

Scotia itrade vs td direct investing

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I was looking to invest in index funds that track the s&p 500. With scotia itrade, the mer of a scotia us index fund is around 0.

  scotia itrades trading commissions are among the highest in the industry at 9. This is similar to the base fee for td direct investing and a few cents more than rbc direct investing and bmo investorline. Compared to these big bank offerings, wealthsimple trade does not charge trading commissions when you trade stocks and etfs.

The answer is that scotia has managed more than all but one of its bank competitors (see below) to design a website that helps clients get to where they need to go. To log into your itrade account is to feel comfortable and in command of your investments.

  td direct investing is one of the brokerage platforms available to self-directed investors in canada. You can use it to trade stocks, etfs, mutual funds, and a variety of other investment securities. While td directing investing is popular, its trading fees are not competitive when compared to many of the trading platforms on our list of the best trading platforms in canada.

As per the latest rob carrick review, qtrade is an a, ib, questrade and scotia itrade are b, while td is only b td direct investing. Td introduced a thoroughly redesigned website for clients two years ago and not a single competitor has yet caught up.

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Scotia itrade vs td direct investing

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Scotia itrade vs td direct investing

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