Ruby trading system

Ruby trading system

Lucrum ruby trading system all-in-one trading system that provides you with the winning edge and skills necessary to succeed in trading futures, forex, or equities. This turn-key chart enchancement suite generates actionable trade signals to simplify and empower your ninjatrader trading.

  join chief investment analyst phil antonson and see a live demonstration of lucrum trading systems flagship system, ruby. Learn the various features and components of the ruby system and how it can be tailored to fit a wide range of trading applications. Additionally, explore the integration of ruby within sharkindicators bloodhound software to create an automated trading system.

While ruby was initially designed for commodity futures trading on the ninjatrader platform it works exceptionally well in various tradeable markets be it equities or forex. Ruby will work with virtually all, charted, tradeable markets.

  learn more lucrum ruby trading system overview & automated demonstrationjoin chief investment analyst phil antonson and see a live demonstration of lucrum.

Take control with the lucrum ruby trading system which features 9 fully customizable tools and indicators, all of which can be read and utilized by bloodhound. Build a complete system which fits your personal trading objectives whether youre a day, swing, trend or long term trader.

Join chief investment analyst phil antonson and see a live demonstration of lucrum trading systems flagship system, ruby.

  building and testing automated trading systems with ruby and bloodhound - youtube.

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Ruby trading system

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