Profit trailer trailing buy

Profit trailer trailing buy

Once all buy strategies are true, the bot will make note of the current ask price and begin watching. The price needs to fall and then rise by at least the percentage specified in order for a buy to be attempted. This will try to catch the price at its lowest point before trailing back up and buying.

Introducing profit trailer an advanced and powerful crypto trading bot that helps you automate your trading.

  once all buy strategies are true, the bot will make note of the current ask price and begin trailing. The price needs to fall and then rise by at least the percentage specified in order for a buy to be attempted. It will try to catch the price at its lowest point before trailing back up and buying.

This indicator is designed for use with profit trailers spread strategies. The user can select either ema or sma averages and input their own buy value settings. It incorporates trailing values, either manual trailing values or automatically calculated values based on volatility.

Contribute to tanimanprofit-trailer development by creating an account on github.

00000001 if you use buy or sellvaluelimit the strategy can only be true between the buysell value and the limit (unless it is trailing).

Note at the beginning, the minimum value is equal to ask price at the time of placing an order. A hypothetical example assume a trailing stop buy order is placed for 1 ltc coin with offset 5 where beginning trough price is at 100.

The trailing take profit or ttp, in short, is a feature that designed to help you catch the rise. You set your take profit target on which trailing will activate and try to increase your profits as much as possible.

This is my first strategy educational post im doing ever while im generally against posting strategies because its very easy to fake performance numbers. I cannot prevent myself from sharing a few cool strategy snippets anyway. So from now on, ill be sharing a few strategies also - generally not to.

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Profit trailer trailing buy

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