Piercing pattern in candlestick

Piercing pattern in candlestick

  the piercing pattern is a two-day candle pattern that implies a potential reversal from a downward trend to an upward trend. This candle pattern typically only forecasts about five days out.

  the piercing pattern is viewed as a bullish candlestick reversal pattern, similar to the bullish engulfing pattern.

  the piercing candlestick pattern consists of two candlesticks.

The piercing pattern is one of the 12 major candlestick patterns and it is a two-candle formation that occurs when the market is in a down trend. The first candle is black or red which is a continuation of the existing trend and the second candle opens below the low of the previous day.

You might find them in congestion zones with both candlesticks having small ranges. Instead, focus on them when you find the pattern jutting out clearly on charts.

A piercing pattern is a bullish reversal pattern, but its secondary to the bullish engulfing, because it tends to be smaller in size, and it doesnt close above the previous candle. The most important thing is that you dont trade these candlestick patterns in isolation.

The piercing is a bullish equivalent pattern of the bearish dark cloud cover. The first day of the pattern is a black candle appearing as a long line in a downtrend, except spinning tops and doji candles.

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Trying to identify the bullish piercing pattern? Look for this essential criteria first, there must be a clear and definable downtrend in progress for the pattern to qualify as a bullish piercing pattern. Second, the first candlestick (which appears at the end of the downtrend) must be a black (or red), bearish candlestick.

This is another 2-candlestick bullish reversal pattern which shows up after a decline in price. It is similar to the bullish engulfing pattern, but the second candle doesnt completely cover the first.

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Piercing pattern in candlestick

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Piercing pattern in candlestick

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