Pest control prayer xp

Pest control prayer xp

  welcome to this weeks how long to 99 guide where we work out how long it would take to get skills in the slowest way in osrs old school runescape!-----.

In osrs, still more or less what scream said, aside from odd niche cases. It might be ok for prayer for ironmen at higher levels or something. Its also good in specific situations, like if youre training a pure and want to limit your hp gain while training attack or strength, or if you if you want pure hp exp.

Decent option for uim like it always has been, but definitely not for mains since you can get 600-700khr with dbones.

Welcome to our pest control calculator! Below, you can enter your current skill experience along with your target levelexperience for each skill. This calculator will automatically update to tell you how many commendation points are required to meet that goal.

Participating in the pest control minigame and spending the points on prayer experience is a relatively slow but fairly low-effort training method. However, it does not require much inventory space or gearing up, which makes it a feasible option while training farming and fletching.

  pest control insane pure exp guide over 100k exp hour - youtube.

  as someone who has done over 800 hours of pest control purely for experience, i want to beg you to seek a different option for the sake of your sanity. On the novice boat, experience per hour from purely points is 10-20k depending on your level (20k being at level 98) and cashing in when at 100 points for 10 bonus.

Pest control is located on the void knights outpost, which is on one of the southernmost islands in the game. It can be accessed from the docks of port sarim south of the lady lumbridge (ship). Speak with the squire and she will ask if you want to go to the void knights outpost.

  how much xp an hour is pest control posted sat may 19, 2012 1024 pm. Well im botting pest control and im getting about 40-45 commendations an hour.

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Pest control prayer xp

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