Orderdelete in indicator mt4

Orderdelete in indicator mt4

This is part 2 of an informal tutorial on the metatrader 4 platform discussing how to add delete indicators placing an order etc. In this case the return value means the function execution result.

  you need to either make the variable ticket equal to orderticket() inside the orderselect() if statement or just use orderticket() inside the orderdelete().

The issue is that you need to count down your orders and not count up, where you were using i, ferrufx rightly identifies i--. Because if you close the 1 before 2, the 2 become 1 and cant be close because the 1 were closed previously.

The function removes the object with the specified name at the specified chart.

To get additional error information, one has to call the getlasterror () function.

  getlasterror () - the function that returns codes of error.

) the proposed code is flawed, as it ignores many colliding states, that happen in real trading. You might want to wish to re-design the code, so that it does not create a false illusion to the op altogether with better handling such error-states in context of where mt4-server side responds with an xtonon-xto rejection reason.

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Orderdelete in indicator mt4

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