Nyu summer intern housing

Nyu summer intern housing

During the summer, nyu offers safe, convenient and affordable housing in new york city for both students and interns.

Still looking for a place to stay while youre interning in nyc this summer? We still have limited availability in the best neighborhoods in nyc! Apply today!

The summer 2021 rental rates below are per person weekly rental rates, listed by residence hall style (traditional and apartment-style) and bedroom-style (double and single).

Whether youre applying to live in one of the universitys residence halls, looking for housing during your summer internship, or seeking assistance in your off-campus apartment search, nyu has services and offices to simplify the new york city housing process.

Note you can live at the dorms, get on the food plan, workout at their gym and you dont need to be enrolled in classes. Note they are known to provide affordable summer housing for interns.

Summer special! Book your summer 2021 housing before april 30th and receive a month of unlimited free subway rides. Promo offer valid only on new reservations for summer 2021 made between april 1st, 2021 and april 30th, 2021 directly with ehs, not a school or university.

  if you are staying in nyc for a summer internship or taking summer classes it can be stressful to find the right place to live.

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Nyu summer intern housing

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