Nvidia pcss performance

Nvidia pcss performance

For several years our percentage closer soft shadows (pcss) shadow technique has delivered the best possible shadow map shadows in grand theft auto v , far cry 4 , dying light , batman arkham origins , assassins creed unity, and assassins creed syndicate. Now however theres a new, even-better technique, called nvidia hybrid frustum traced.

  nvidia pcss is an algorithm that mimics the behavior of shadows in nature, progressively softening shadows as the distance from the casting object increases and.

By enabling nvidia pcss these shadows accurately reflect the position of their caster, greatly improving the realism of the world. With every other setting maxed out, the cost of soft shadows is 6. 4 frames per second at the very most a comparatively low number given the improvement to every single scene.

Nvidia pcss and hfts performance on pc the division has one nvidia exclusive graphical option, a graphical option that is only present when moving beyond the games ultra preset. This effect is nvidia nfts, or nvidia hybrid frustum traced shadows, a graphical effect that provides more realistic shadows than nvidias own pcss (percentage closer soft shadows) effect.

Introduction one of the fundamental problems in computer graphics is generating accurate soft shadows from area light sources. Soft shadows provide valuable cues about the relationships between objects, becoming sharper as objects 3.

Nvidia claims this makes the scene more realistic by introducing shadows that progressively and smoothly soften as the distance from the casting object increases, as in real life. , but sorry nvidia, ive never seen shadows that look as pixelated as the paint airbrush tool in real life.

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Whenever you switch between the shadow modes like pcsshfts, or hftspcss it defaults back to ultra until you exit and re-enter the game. You can tell because on ultra the shadows are super crisp but not really lifelike. On pcss or hfts they are more life like where the fade out the longer the shadow is.

  these settings have an enormous impact on your performance, as turning on pcss shadows saw our framerate drop by 30 percent.

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Nvidia pcss performance

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