Mt4 strategy tester not closed trades

Mt4 strategy tester not closed trades

Cant close my open trades in metatrader terminal 4 strategy tester. I am trying to code my ea where if my close conditions are met, i want my ea to close all the open trades ( there are potentially more than 1 open trades ).

I started the strategy tester using the mt4 macd sample ea. When the chart appeared and the price line began to move, i paused the test. However, the resulting order in the terminal window shows a price of 1.

Set the testing time range (optional) to test and optimize experts, a special tester window is used in the terminal. All above parameters are set in the settings tab of this window.

  im running some backtests and noticed that the strategy tester just seems to give up before its reached the end date. Im running an ea that just gathers data, doesnt place any trades. Date range set from to , but it stops around mid 2009. My data is fine and i can open a chart and see the missing bars.

If no line has been selected, the entire table will be copied to the clipboard. As well, to copy the entire table to the clipboard, one can execute the copy all command. The report of results can be saved in the hard disk as an html file. To do so, one has to execute the save as report context menu command.

To restart mt4 you simply need to close the main mt4 terminal window and after 15-30 seconds start mt4 again. If things look weird with mt4 window or it cannot respond at all, you should check if there are no mt4 process stuck in memory.

Now that your ea is installed, open mt4 and click on the strategy tester button.

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Mt4 strategy tester not closed trades

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Mt4 strategy tester not closed trades

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