Mt4 is better than tradingview

Mt4 is better than tradingview

  mt4 is strictly for forex trading and has never evolved beyond that. If you want to expand into stock trading, crypto trading or cfds then mt4 is no good at all.

From our analysis, it is easy to see why many individuals conclude that tradingview is better than mt4. It is more modern, has more indicators, plus has impressive charting tools. However, this does not mean that it has a total advantage over mt4.

This certainly a disadvantage users with a preference for specific brokers. Or those wanting to shop around for the best brokerage deals.

Mt4 vs tradingview - key takeaways mt4 is an old platform, but thanks to years of experience it is very easy to use and customize it according to your taste. It is also a direct connector to the market as long as youve registered with a broker.

Hands-down, tradingview provides a better trading experience and technical attributes than mt4. However, the underlying or fundamental problem is the cost, a barrier thats hard to overcome for many. Also, tradingview hasnt received the mainstream broker adoption as mt4 has, nor does it have a desktop application.

Traders have been comparing tradingview and mt4 for a long time now. For some, tradingview is the best platform to use, for others, it is the mt4 that offers the best services. Both of these platforms are very popular among forex traders. In fact, there are many who use both of them at the same time.

So which platform, between mt4 and tradingview, is best? Tradingview has so enticing features such as many indicators and drawing tools, but the fact that you have to subscribe at a fee to access some of the features is a minus. Mt4 on the other hand is absolutely free, has almost all technical indicators and drawing tools free of cost.

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No doubt about it, mt4 is a little clunky for certain things and i appreciate that tradingview (tv) is probably a superior charting package with way more bells and whistles, including better remote access etc. I will personally be switching over to mt5 in the near future for my own trading, so not sure how much better that will be compared to mt4.

Tradingview is actually one of the better free chart platforms. Id say its second only to standalone platforms (like etrade pro). That said, you can also use simply the webs best financial charts backtesting and screening stock charts, screener.

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Mt4 is better than tradingview

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