Mt4 hawkeye heatmap indicator

Mt4 hawkeye heatmap indicator

The heatmap takes the three variable inputs from the hawkeye trend conservative, normal and aggressive, and shows you visually when all three trends have locked into place. This gives you a clear view of the overall market sentiment and quantifies risk.

With attached indicators take care to put all indicators in downloads folder in indicator folder of your mt4 termianl file. For this templet to work as i extract my all indicators from downloads folder subdirectory of indicator folder.

Hawkeye heatmap the heatmap ia a momentum indicator that graphically shows what the three trend speeds conservative, normal & aggressive are doing during a single timeframe.

Here is also one commercial indicator hawkeye heatmap with its dll file. Put dll file in library folder and allow dll imports in indicator settings. I think this thread should get more sharing of indicators and trading systems as amdudus is doing nice work, everyone should contribute to this thread.

The indicator is highly robust and can easily spot profitable.

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Mt4 hawkeye heatmap indicator

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Mt4 hawkeye heatmap indicator

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