Moving average angle indicator

Moving average angle indicator

The ma angle is an indicator that measures the slope of a moving average. The idea behind this is that as the price starts to trend, the slope of a moving average becomes steeper. The steeper the slope, the bigger the value that the ma angle indicator plots.

  this is a stochastic type representation of the moving average angle. This means that an ascending value will represent a stronger trend while descending value will represent a weakening trend leading to consolidation.

  this indicator shows you the angle of the moving average according to your settings in a separate window. It also shows the angle written on the chart, which can also be adjusted. The main features and input variables provided include maperiod this is the period for your moving average.

Angle of moving average release notes - alter calculation of angle - change default ma to exponential ma - change default ma length to 20 - added notradezone -.

  it is an oscillating indicator which prints histogram bars based on the angle of a moving average. This is done by doubling a moving average and shifting one for a few periods. The difference between the two moving averages is what is considered as the angle or the slope of the moving average.

  hello, you cant properly calculate the angle of the moving average because that depends on the amplitude of the chart (how many bars are displayed in the chart) and therefore is a very disfunctional way to analize data. But you can calculate the variation of the moving average over time if it is above 0, it means is rising.

  hello, im having some problems with the ema angle indicator, i will post some pictures here thats shows that the indicator is not showing correct data, its highlighted in blue, does anyone have an indicator to measure moving average angle precisely.

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Moving average angle indicator

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Moving average angle indicator

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