Mlc superannuation exit fees

Mlc superannuation exit fees

Mlc masterkey business super, part of australias 1 corporate super provider. Designed for small to large business, this corporate super plan is easy to manage and gives your client as an employer access to a modern, efficient and flexible super plan. Your clients employees are automatically invested in mysuper as members of this corporate super.

Refer to the current mlc masterkey super & pension fundamentals product disclosure statement for further information on fees and costs.

Mlc has pre-empted any future moves to ban exit fees on investment and superannuation products by removing such fees from all new products offered by the group. From march 31, 2005, mlc will no longer accept new applications for products through its masterkey five star channel, which has no upfront fees but higher ongoing management fees, as well.

Commencement fees up front option to defer payment of contribution or pension commencement fees fees when your money moves in or out of the service (continued) termination fee (referred to throughout this pds as exit fee) the fee to close your investment.

  superannuation funds to be banned from charging exit fees and fees for accounts under 3,000 will be limited to 3 abc to have its funding cut by 83.

Au fax number (03) 9869 1595 if you have any questions, please speak with your financial adviser, call us on 132 652 monday to friday between 8 am and 6 pm (aestaedt) or visit mlc.

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Mlc superannuation exit fees

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