Mecha kingdom tokens

Mecha kingdom tokens

Mecha kingdoms makes its debut on january 15th, 2020 at 1100 am (pt). It will run throughout the rest of january and into next month, ending on february 18th, 2020 at 2359 pm (pt). While new missions will no longer be available after the 18th, dont worry. Youll have until march 2nd, 2020 1300 pm (pt) to spend all those sweet, sweet tokens.

  mecha kingdoms orb 200 tokens 3 hextech keys 180 tokens 1 hextech key 60 tokens 1 random champion shard 50 tokens mystery emote 40 tokens 1 key fragment 20 tokens 100 blue essence 10.

  missions and the mecha kingdoms pass both award mecha kingdom tokens. You can find many things to spend those mecha kingdoms tokens on over in your inventory at the mecha kingdoms shop - including golden chroma, mecha kingdoms icon & border sets to tft eggs, prestige points, orbs, and more.

17 of these missions give 15 event tokens each, while the intro mission gives 45 tokens along with the only free mecha kingdoms orb available. These missions amount to a total of 300 tokens available for free play.

Mecha kingdoms garen prestige edition event tokens and loot only along with these awesome skins, players will also be able to buy new ward skins, borders, emotes and icons.

Model new model and texture! New mech suit and sword! Particles new particles! See garens blade descend from the heavens! Animations new recall animation! Garen blasts off to showcase the power of his mech.

Players can purchase the mecha kingdoms battle pass, which comes with 200 tokens, 4 orbs, and a special event pass icon, from the in-game store for the price of 1650 rp.

Farming mecha kingdoms tokens? Someone told me i can just go into aram or urf games and frick around for 8 minutes then early surrender and get 4 tokens and advance in my missions, is this true? Is it bannable? Where can i find premades to do this with? 22 comments.

Jax, leona, draven, garen, and leagues new juggernaut, sett all received skins for this batch of battle robots. Mecha kingdoms garen also got the first prestige edition skin of 2020, which can be purchased from the event store for 2,000 tokens.

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Mecha kingdom tokens

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