Maybank foreign exchange rate

Maybank foreign exchange rate

Disclaimerrates displayed are indicative for the day and subject to change without prior notice.

  to obtain information on the used exchange rate during transaction, please contact the.

  foreign currency selling rate (rm) 1 australian dollar 3.

Maybank is not responsible for the use of information by other parties. To obtain information on the used exchange rate during transaction, please contact the nearest maybank branch or you may contact customer care at (021) 1500611 or via cell phone 69811 in national wide.

Take a look at the foreign exchange rates maybank is offering in the table below. When looking at the table, the buying rate is used when you sell a foreign currency to maybank and converted to singapore dollars in exchange.

Maybank asset management maybank kim eng dual currency investment maybank structured deposits unit trusts integrated advisory solution product risk rating.

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Maybank foreign exchange rate

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Maybank foreign exchange rate
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