Master slave mt4 chart

Master slave mt4 chart

Roman5 mt4 copier master ea needs to be installed - click here. If true - buy on master and then sell on slave if false - buy on master and then buy on slave timerinmillisecond 50 - re-scanning and looking for any new order or close order every 50 ms.

Tradecopy slave - runs on any chart of mt4 terminals we want to copy trades to. It reads the status file regurarly and react accordingly as soon as any change occurs. Mt4 terminal with the tradecopty master as well as all terminals with tradecopy slave need to run on the same computer (or at least need to share one filesystem).

1, (abc sell) and (send) 2, (abc buy) and (send) 3, (abcde sell) and (send) 4, (abcde buy) and (send) the (abc sell) botton is a sepeate botton that when i click it, it will allow me to draw abc elliot wave correction.

  in this example we will use 2x master accounts and a single slave account. So next you need to run server ea on each of the master accounts and then the client ea on your mt4 slave. All should use the same signalproviderid1 if you are using a vip license. In this picture you can see a master account 123 and a master account 456.

  i have multiple mt4 platforms running that each have the same chart tabs. Now is it possible to have one master mt4 platform and as you switch through the tabs on the master that the slave mt4 platforms will change the same tabs at the same time? So each mt4 platform slave will have the same tab of the same currency pair open as the mt4 platform master and as you change thru each tab on the master.

Fill in with the master symbol name and the slave symbol name separated by a colon sign. Ex the dax index on the master account is germany30 and on the slave account is dax30-20u. If you want to copy this symbol trades than fill in with germany30dax30-20u.

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Master slave mt4 chart

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