Martingale ea source code

Martingale ea source code

  my coder made an ea for me, and i want to share with all of you.

Ea martingale grid 02 -private use- full source code hi forex wiki frienfs, ea martingale grid 02 description advisor name grid 02 released evelopment site trade like a pro author jadavin version 1.

Hello traders, my coder made an ea for me, and i want to share with all of you.

I wrote a piece of code to do what you ask, i hope this helps. There is not a expert adviser, is a code to add to yours experts.

  best rsi trading (ea) -2020 source-code download martingale - youtube. Best rsi trading (ea) -2020 source-code download martingale.

  ea martingale grid 02 -private use- full source code hi forex wiki frienfs, ea martingale grid 02 description advisor name grid 02 released evelopment site trade like a pro author jadavin version 1. 00 currency pairs any timeframe any description a grid advisor related to the rsi indicator.

  this martingale ea can work on all pairs and all timeframes. Version 2 has trailing stop loss version 3 has a special way to calculate the lot size version 4 can use equity stop version 5 can add lot size or mulitply version 6 you will have both buy and sell orders at any given time.

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Martingale ea source code

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Martingale ea source code

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