Lucrf super early release form

Lucrf super early release form

Covid-19 early release of super program closed on 31 december 2020. Payments for applications submitted by 31 december will be made throughout january.

In some circumstances you may be eligible for early access to some of your super to help meet your immediate financial needs. To find out if youre eligible to apply please call us on 1300 130 780.

When you become a lucrf super member youll be part of an industry super fund thats been providing solid, long-term investment returns, low administration fees and excellent service for the past 40 years.

By using the early release to cash-in all your super, your lucrf super account will close and you will then lose any insurance cover that is part of your lucrf super account. You may wish to consider leaving enough funds in your lucrf super account to cover the cost of insurance premiums to keep your existing lucrf insurance cover.

F pty ltd abn 18 005 502 081 as trustee for the labour union co-operative retirement fund (lucrf super) abn 26 382 680 883.

Ioof and lucrf super have revealed that the governments early release of super program was one of the most challenging elements of the covid-19 pandemic to adapt to. Ioof head of fund statutory reporting paul tsironis said that ers resulted in a huge increase in workload.

Address your cheque or money order to lucrf super and along with a completed direct contribution form available from www.

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Lucrf super early release form

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