Long wick alert for mt4

Long wick alert for mt4

A black or a white candlestick is formed with a lower or upper tail that has a length of 23 or more of the total range of the candlestick.

The indicator supports all sorts of alerts and works with both mt4 and mt5. If your trading system is using candle wicks and if really long wicks are important to determining entry or exit signals for your trades, candle wicks length display indicator can be indispensable as a tool to notify you about such candles and the exact length of their wicks.

Wick forex scalping strategytable of contents1 wick forex scalping strategy1. We will look at both of this timeframe and look for entries on this 2.

  candle wick size indicator with alert (mt4) new comment 18.

  this would be alert indicator (with poped up alert displaysound- standard of mt4). Indicator would find candle with wicks on up and down that are less than x of full candle size.

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Long wick alert for mt4

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