Live pakistan currency exchange rates

Live pakistan currency exchange rates

Open market currency rates in pakistan - last updated currency rates according to the forex association of pakistan on 16 apr, 2021 095853 am are us dollar to pkr 152.

  the pakistani rupee (pkr) exchange rates represented on this page are live, updated every minute within the forex markets trading hours of 2200 sunday through 2100 friday gmt.

According to the forex association of pakistan is euro to pkr, us dollar to pkr, british pound is pkr, saudi riyal to pkr ( sar to pkr) rate, and uae dirham pkr exchange rate.

  currency rate in pakistan - check live currency exchange rates for open market and interbank. Also find forex rates of us dollar, euro, uae aed dirham, ,saudi arabian riyals (sar), british pound, canadian dollar, chinese yaun, indian rupees, irani riyals as well.

  currency exchange rates in pakistan open market are not quite same as inter bank specially dollar rate. Here you can find usd to pkr , euro to pkr , sar to pkr and all other currency rate against pkr. In pakistan banks generally charge a higher exchange rate on the currency.

As free trade becomes more prevalent in the world, consequently understanding pakistans currency exchange rate is now crucial for pakistani organizations. Open markets in any country offer opportunities to enter other countries and can trade without additional restrictions. Opening up the market helps mutual trade between different countries. In the banking sector, open markets allow countries to exchange benefits.

Live currency rates in pakistan, pkr exchange rates , latest. Top currency rates portal provides you live currency rates in pakistan, pkr exchange rates upto date open market currency rates of pakistan.

For full history please visit eurpkr exchange rate history page.

15 apr, 2021 - interbank currency rates refers as state bank rates in pakistan. Inter-bank exchange rates or conversion rate in pkr pakistani rupee that daily updates in all major currencies includes us dollar, uae dirham aed, saudi riyal sar, euro rate eur, british pound gbp rates and all other currencies as are listed here.

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Live pakistan currency exchange rates

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