Limit of indian currency when travelling abroad

Limit of indian currency when travelling abroad

To sum up the limit of indian currency that you can carry into and out of india without declaration is rs.

How much cash indiansnris can take to india once again, no limit on how much foreign currency you can bring to india but you need to declare the amount in cdf (currency declaration form) at custom channels if cash in the form of banknotes is more than 5,000 usd and cash travelers cheque value is more than 10,000.

Accordingly, any person resident in india i) may take outside india (other than to nepal and bhutan) currency notes of government of india and reserve bank of india notes up to an amount not exceeding rs.

As rbi norms, passengers (excluding citizens of pakistan or bangladesh) coming to india may carry indian currency up to rs. The information you see on most websites like rs 7500, rs 10000 etc are old limits prior to 2016.

As per rbi guidelines, you can take up to us 2,50,000 per trip while travelling abroad from india for business purposes.

A person coming in to india from abroad can bring in with him indian currency notes within the limits given below a.

The limit for indian currency that can be brought into india from abroad. The resident indians while returning from temporary foreign visits (other than nepal and bhutan), can bring back indian currency notes up to rs. The non-resident indians or foreigners (not being a citizen of pakistan and bangladesh) entering india through an airport can bring an amount up to indian rupees 25,000-.

(note the sample form is an older version that shows that you have to declare for more than 10,000 but the correct amount is 25,000). Most residents of india traveling abroad and most nris would carry some indian currency with them.

Updated on may 05, 2010 0941 pm ist now you can carry extra cash while travelling abroad.

In addition, one can carry up to rs 5000 in indian rupees while traveling to or from countries other than nepal and bhutan.

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Limit of indian currency when travelling abroad

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