Letsema consulting directors

Letsema consulting directors

Za for more information founded in 1996, letsema is a black-owned management consulting firm at the heart of a diversified investment group.

Letsema is a privately-held investment holding company with long-term interests in management consulting, third-party investment management and proprietary investments. In over 20 years with the group, thomas has led each of the firms operating divisions.

Is a 100 broad based black economic empowerment (bbbee) company, and 33 black women owned, that provides comprehensive services in the field of water, environment and earth science. Letsema water and environmental director has over 15 years of consulting experience in the field of water and environmental.

, chief executive officer for letsema consulting & advisory pty.

Using our resources and skills, letsema is a business that seeks to create positive change in society. We provide strategy and business solutions working in a collaborative manner on our clients most pressing topics and challenges, and quality service through our value-based boutique approach, ethical leadership and diverse networks.

Letsema focuses on business advisory and strategy services, and provides boutique intelligence to advise small, medium and large-scale businesses on strategy and economic development. Underpinning all we do is our purpose, business as a catalyst for social change.

Letsema diaho ca (sa) founder and managing director at banaheng consulting & advisory inc.

Reporting to the director, you will form part of a high performing, integrated team responsible for developing and delivering the overarching practice strategy for our consulting and advisory business.

People working at letsema consulting and advisory website of the company letsema.

Isaac is a founder and chairman of letsema holdings and is focused on building a values based, long term, buy and hold investment company. In 1996 he founded letsema consulting which is now a leading black owned and managed management consulting company in south africa.

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Letsema consulting directors

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