Kinetic investment partners

Kinetic investment partners

Kinetic ip is a boutique manager offering specialist investment strategies in australian equities. We are a boutique fund manager, majority owned by our founding principals, ensuring kinetics and our clients interests are aligned.

Kinetic investment partners (kinetic) is a specialist smaller companies investment manager. About kinetic finds investment opportunities using a disciplined research and valuation process.

A boutique investment manager established in 2005, kinetic investment partners (kinetic) is a boutique manager offering specialist investment strategies in australian equities. Kinetics founding principals richard sharp and jonathan findlay, have worked together managing smaller companies portfolios since 2003.

Kinetic investment partners pty limited operates as an investment management firm. The company offers portfolio management, financial planning, and investment advisory services.

Richard is a founding director of kinetic investment partners. Before establishing kinetic, richard managed the small companies fund as well as holding large cap research responsibilities across a range of sectors for hsbc australia asset management ltd.

Kinetic investment partners pty ltd (acn 009568496) was incorporated on 06101987 in australia. Their business is recorded as australian proprietary company, limited by shares.

Kinetic investment partners pty ltd is a limited by shares australian proprietary company. Located at vic the company is, as the updated on abn database shows, registered. The company has been registered for goods & services tax since .

Founded in late 2016, we are a founder funded start-up investment company focused on the online space. Kinetic, from the ancient greek, kinetiks, means one who puts in motion, we work actively with most of our portfolio companies to help them achieve their dreams.

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Kinetic investment partners

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