Kill trevor michael or deathwish

Kill trevor michael or deathwish

This option seems like the obvious option, because between killing yourself and michael, your mentor, youd rather have this guy go away.

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Option b kill michael similar to option a, franklin calls upon trevor to assist him in taking down michael, but he refuses and says he is done with traitors.

When devin screwed over michael, franklin and trevor with the repo work where he didnt pay them despite them doing the work, he sent marryweather to michaels house because molly died due to her thinking michael wanted to kill her (when all he wanted was the damn film).

At this point, franklin will have two options kill trevor or let his mentor do it. When the player decides to turn on trevor, they will lose michaels trust, all the assets, and side missions.

  what would you choose kill michael or kill trevor? If there wasnt deathwish ? I killed none of them but if there was no deathwish i would kill michael. I know that he has better personality than trevor but i love trevor so much.

  otherwise either michael or trevor will be dead and you cant play as them once the main story ends. Deathwish is the best ending, plus you get the to go kill all the other people that usedcrossed you after that like that douche fib agent and the chinese boss that kidnapped micheal.

  killing trevor or michael is like being a backstabber and kill your friend, it feels really bad. The third way or deathwish is the best ending, pretty much its kill all your enemies in one mission.

3 - gta v ending b kill michael this choice is also confirmed to be non-canon, with cutscenes from dlc showing michael to be alive and well. If the player chooses this path, the mission the times come would begin. Franklin sets up a meeting with michael and calls trevor for backup.

  that time i killed michael (because i killed trevor last time, it seems fair! But i still made some mistakes, so i might just make a 3rd run through, and will probably go for deathwish for completeness, although i might just see how it affects the finances - killing michael means his share gets given to his family - i am not sure that happened with trevor (cant really remember).

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Kill trevor michael or deathwish

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