Keyframe interval streamlabs

Keyframe interval streamlabs

  keyframe interval is how many seconds your encoder waits before creating a keyframe. Every frame in movies, youtube videos, even video games uses keyframes because while you might have 60fps (frames per second) video encoders use a shortcut to achieve these high framerates.

Go to your settings - coding encoding (dont know in english) then there should be smth like keyframe interval put there the number 2 (instead of 0 or smth) save and try it again - it is explained in nearly every tutorial, is needed for twitch (i think smth about saving servers or similar ).

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  keyframe interval 2 seconds preset quality b-frames 2 1080p 30fps. Resolution 1920x10 kbps rate control cbr framerate 25 or 30 fps keyframe interval 2 seconds preset quality b-frames 2 720p 60fps.

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Keyframes are points in the video where the entire frame is sent instead of just the differences from the previous frame. Having a keyframe interval of 2 means that it takes at most 2 seconds for the viewers to catch up to a point where they can properly display the feed.

Now keyframe interval, a lot of people have kinda noticed this too on the forums, what facebook recommends you to set it at 2. If you set it at zero through streamlabs obs, that is an auto setting. That is fine, you can do it that way, but what they recommend is two.

Set the keyframe interval to 2 seconds and profile to main. Go to the audio tab and set the microphone you wish to use to your mic auxiliary device 1 ( you can also set up a push to talk and push to mute hotkey ) go to the video section.

  keyframe interval (seconds, 0auto) have you ever watched a movie and tried to pause it to take a closer look, only to stop on a blurry frame? Video is made up of keyframes and the frames in between. Keyframes are the fully rendered, non-blurry images that are linked together by the less detailed (but still vital) in-between frames.

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Keyframe interval streamlabs

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