Kenya school of forex

Kenya school of forex

Nairobi forex trading school offers the most comprehensive forex trading education course in kenya to both retail and institutional clients.

The course is made of explainer videos, narration audio, text notes and knowledge check quizzes to ensure the students understand all the trading concepts well. The training program runs for 2 months, divided into 15 weekly lessons at a fee of 497.

For 2 months, learn how to professionally trade forex, currencies, stocks, indices and commodities. After-which you are accessible to a lifetime worth of mentorship.

  the royal institute of business (kenya) contact 254 or visit website royal institute of business forex trading training in kenyaphoto. Do not miss all our latest updates on how to make money online in kenya through forex trading.

Kenya forex firm is a forex trading and training company based in nairobi kenya. Since our inception in 2014, weve trained more than 1000 students whove gone on to become successful forex traders in kenya.

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Kenya school of forex

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