Iq option bot

Iq option bot

Iq bot is an automated trading robot for the iq option platform. You can test iq bot on a demo account, and then start trading on a real one. Please note trading on a real account is only available for activated accounts.

The browser version of the iq bot robot for the iq option platform the iq bot extension is a great tool for traders of any level.

Iq option robot is 100 automated trading bot specially designed for trading with iq option trading platform. Intelligent iq option robot automatically generates signals, setup lot size, has money management, risk management and account protections system.

Although the bot name is iqoption bot, you can use this robot on any platform. We usually use the eurusd currency pair, but you can use other currency pair which is given in the robot. Usually this robot work best for the 1 minute time frame and 1-minute expiry of the trade.

Iqoption bot is a simple ml realtime in training using logisticregression it use bollinger bands to determinate if buy or sell this code is initially based on saulo catharinos code.

The robot made for binary options can participate in tournaments organized by iq option. When choosing a trading robot it is necessary to make some insurance operations to decrease the number of negative factors.

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Iq option bot

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