Internet options advanced tab missing

Internet options advanced tab missing

  advanced tab missing from internet options in internet explorer 1.

  advanced tab missing in internet options ok, ive done the research online, but here is the sitatuion im running windows 7 home premium, as an admin, but when i look for the advanced tab i get the same message saying that only admins can change this, group policy etc.

  ie 8 missing advanced tab in internet options im running windows xp home edition , i have ie 8. I have lost access to the advanced tab in internet options under the tools menu. Im the only user of the computer and am listed as the administrator. Ive lost that admin access for some reason and i cant change certain settings.

Click the advanced tab, and in the list under property, click link speed & duplex.

  through mishap or mischief, the reset button in the advanced tab of toolsinternetotions is grayed out.

  heres a rundown of what im doing im setting up policy in user configuration preferences control panel settings internet settings. Then im going into the advanced tab and setting the settings i want and hitting f6 to change them to green as seen in the screenshot below.

All you need to do is rename the existing entries to have a space in front of the tab. So run regedit, and go to key hkcu software policies microsoft internet explorer control panel.

Open up the registry editor (start - run - type regedit then enter) and then navigate your way to hkeycurrentuser. Double click the connectionstab option and change the value data value from 1 to 0.

Internet explorer ie advanced tab missing under tools, internet options. My reply is at the bottom of your sent message one of our employees was trying to change a setting he needed for a certain web site. It required going to internet explorer, tools, internet options, advanced then change a setting under security.

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Internet options advanced tab missing

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