Imc internship reddit

Imc internship reddit

Im trying to decide between softeng internships at bloomberg and imc trading. I realise theres a drastic sizestructure difference between the two and the work they do is totally different but i dont have very strong preferences about that.

Im considering competing internships from both citadel as well as imc, and i was wondering if anybody had some insight into which internship would be better. From my experience with the interview process imc had a much longer interview process which imo was much more interesting and personal feeling whereas citadel only had two rounds (phone virtual on-site) that seemed to be a lot more.

Imc swe internship hackerrank i just received a hackerrank from imc and i was wondering what topics are covered in it and how exactly i should prepare.

  imcoptiver arent overly different afaik and have some friends in imc that say its fairly similar over there. I took the internship to try it much for the same reasons as you, but realised it wasnt really for me.

I got an internship 3 weeks before the summer started with a no-name government contractor in my hometown by networking around when i visited home. I originally was just going to study abroad but ya know, covid. If anything, that internship was a glorified ee internship - pretty much no programming.

Browse our opportunities and apply today to a imc internships position.

Com interns in sydney city centre securities! Internship careers in miami, fl waiting for you to apply pre-defined requirements! And culture, and the imc intern salary reddit seems to be anything from 750 to globally. To research it intern is 74,160 per year readers what they it.

  modnote some people like these threads, some people hate them. If you hate them, thats fine, but please dont get in the way of the people who find them useful. Thanks! This thread is for sharing recent new grad offers youve gotten or current salaries for new grads ( 2 years experience).

  a free inside look at imc trading intern salary trends based on 35 intern salaries wages for 13 jobs at imc trading.

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Imc internship reddit

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